Odds and ends on a Saturday

Thursday we wrote a little piece here about raising the national debt ceiling.

In it, we wrote out a ginormously large number and then made a smart-alecky comment about “for those of you who are comma challenged,” that’s 16 trillion and some odd dollars.

Turns out we are one of those who is comma challenged – the number we wrote reflected billions, not trillions, of dollars. We left off three digits. Oops.

We apologize for the mistake but would remind readers once again that the reason people go to work in our business is because they can’t do math.


A few weeks ago we wrote about folks who suffer from arthritis or who have artificial joints.

In it we mentioned a handy little device we called a “sockputeroner” – a curved piece of plastic with a rope on it that helps you put socks on without bending over too far. In response to an inquiry, we are happy to report that the official name of the device is “The Sock Aid” or “The Sock and Stocking Aid,” depending on the manufacturer.

Like an American Express card, we’ve found we can’t leave home without it – at least not with socks on.


In response to a couple of questions about social media, we do not have a Facebook page or a Twitter account.

Frankly, we don’t know a tweet from a twerk – although judging from the press Miley Cyrus has received, we think tweeting would be a safer bet for us.

We tried to start a Facebook page but two hours into it accidentally befriended then Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz. Presto! – our page became Son of Brian Schatz page. The politico and his buddies were dancing all over our screen – couldn’t find a thing from our own family or even actual acquaintances.

We shut the page down. Didn’t want to offend Brian by telling him we didn’t want to be friends.

* Editorials reflect the opinion of the publisher.