A distracted administration

There is a lot of collateral damage from the botched rollout of Obamacare, but perhaps the greatest harm has come because the administration is completely distracted from other matters that demand attention.

Remember Egypt? This week, Egypt’s leaders welcomed a delegation from Russia to discuss “military matters,” according to a story in The Wall Street Journal.

The article said the talks focused on “military-technical-cooperation projects.” Those are code words for arms sales.

Remember Syria? News reports said Albania had rejected requests by the United States to allow its soil to be used for the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons. Now another site must be found. Also, longtime ally Saudi Arabia is still upset with us over the perceived lack of backing for the Syrian rebels.

Remember Iran? The United Nations says it has curbed its nuclear program, again according to the Journal. However, there is no written agreement with the U.S. to stop them from further development. Allies Israel and Saudi Arabia are afraid that any interim agreement will not be tough enough to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Remember NSA spying? There were efforts to put new curbs on spying on Americans. Have they gone by the wayside?

All of these items were headlines just a few weeks ago. They have not gone away. What has happened to them?

Unfortunately, they are taking a back seat to the effort to fix Obamacare. An assessment has been made that the health care fiasco is a bigger political risk than these world crises.

All eyes are on the 2014 congressional elections when at least some of them should be on the threats to peace that are all around us.

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