A lot of testimony

As this is written (Friday morning, Nov. 1), testimony is being given to the Hawaii House Judiciary Committee by thousands of people with opinions about the proposed marriage equality law.

More than 5,100 people signed up before the Thursday midnight deadline to testify at the special session. House leaders expect over 4,000 folks will actually get up and speak.

Although each person is limited to two minutes of testimony, we think it is impressive that so many voices will be heard. If 4,000 do testify, it will amount to more than five-and-a-half days of testimony by the public. If all 5,100 do, it will add another day to the process.

There were 14 hours of testimony Thursday and it resumed Friday morning at 8:30.

Without question there are strong feelings on both sides of the issue, and the Judiciary Committee is doing the right thing by listening to so many members of the public.

As we have stated often in this space, we support the rights of gay and lesbian couples to marry.

A full airing of the issue, we believe, will help others understand that because of the legal benefits tied to marriage, denial of that right based on sexual orientation is discrimination.

The members of the committee should be commended for listening to all this testimony.

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