Nothing wrong with the middle

We are a long way from the 2016 presidential elections, but there are a couple of alarming things already occurring in both political parties.

First of all, there is an attack on Hillary Clinton that she is not as “ideologically pure” as Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Apparently, this is based on Mrs. Clinton being married to the president who produced the last balanced budget for the United States.

Plus, she is an astute politician and leader in her own right.

Ms. Warren is most famous for what could charitably be called a misrepresentation of her Native American heritage when she was a professor at both the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard.

She claimed she was a Native American (Cherokee ancestry), even though she later admitted that she could not meet the legal requirements for such a claim.

Hillary Clinton has never lied about who she is. That is a big plus to us.

On the Republican side, we are big fans of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He offended a big segment of his party by thanking President Obama for the feds’ response to Hurricane Sandy.

Wow, what a terrible blunder. He was honest.

To Christie’s right is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. He is the current darling of the far right.

If the country wants to see a continuation of the bitter partisanship that has marked the last decade, a Cruz-vs.-Warren campaign would guarantee it. No middle ground will be found, no progress will be made. No wounds will be healed.

If things are right in the world, 2016 will come down to Clinton vs. Christie. Big ideas will challenge big ideas.

Rancor will be left behind, and the candidate with the best ideas will lead a country that realizes there is nothing wrong with the middle ground.

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