Support friends and neighbors

Well, it’s hard to believe it’s November already.

Seems like it was just yesterday we paid off last Christmas’ bills. Wait a minute, it was just yesterday. Ah, well, it was a fine holiday.

As November begins, our attention naturally turns to shopping. We’d like to remind readers – again – why a conscious effort needs to be made to include local merchants in your holiday shopping plans.

It may be very easy to order something over the Internet, but those cyber-dollars are never going to return to our local economy. Those brick-and-mortar stores all over Maui County employ your friends, neighbors and, quite possibly, your family members.

A dollar spent locally makes its way around our community. The money shelled out to buy a toy locally will likely travel to other merchants via the owner or the employees of the toy store.

In short, spending money locally keeps all of us employed and keeps our economy healthy.

Maui has a wide variety of excellent stores. Our neighbors work at stores that sell everything from the latest electronic gadgets to the tastiest bakery items on the planet. Our sporting goods stores’ wares go from fishing tackle to golf clubs – all at very good prices. Brand names or custom made.

For the fashion conscious, we have everything from department and discount stores to niche boutiques.

And, just a final note:

The six-week period before Christmas is a make-or-break time for retail businesses. A successful holiday season generally means a profitable year – a poor one can be disastrous.

So support your friends, neighbors and family this holiday season – shop locally.

* Editorials reflect the opinion of the publisher.