A resolute New Year

Well, as we mentioned last year, sometimes you have to search relentlessly to find New Year’s resolutions you can keep – as well as ones from last year that you actually kept.

We are happy to report we did not have a relapse and begin smoking again. That makes 36 straight years since we quit in 1977 that we’ve been able to say, “Did not have a cigarette all year long.” We’re starting to think we may actually be over the darn things.

But, just in case, our first resolution this year is “No cigarettes in 2014.”

Last year, we also resolved to lose 30 pounds. We missed that goal by 42 pounds. So, our second resolution is to end 2014 at the same weight we ended 2013. Baby steps.

We also resolved to be a better husband. In our mind, that involved taking out the trash without being asked, taking turns walking the dog and avoiding petty bickering over how much she cheats when we play Triple Yahtzee.

Did we mention we didn’t have a cigarette all year long?

But, this year – yes, this year – there is better husbandry in our future. The dog will never believe what a super scooper ole Dad is; the trash men will marvel that our can is actually curbside before they are at the neighbor’s house. We’re dropping the Yahtzee resolution – one fewer failure to report next year.

Our final resolution for 2014 is also a repeat – and it is related to being a better husband. The next TV, computer, DVD player, Kindle, sound system or any other device we bring into the house that has a manual will have that manual respected and read. The device will be set up so that more than one of its eight speakers work, more than 12 of its 256 channels will be available.

And we’ll probably ask for directions the next time we get lost too.

Some resolutions probably aren’t meant to be kept.

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