A good name for a school

It is heartwarming to see that all 25 members of the Hawaii Senate have signed on as co-sponsors of a bill to name the new South Maui high school after the late Patsy Mink.

Patsy Mink was more than a Maui girl and 12-term member of the U.S. Congress. She fought racial and gender discrimination her entire life, including many personal battles.

Her groundbreaking work fighting for equality in education included passage of the Title IX Amendment of the Higher Education Act that leveled the playing field for women in sports in schools receiving federal funds. After her death, the amendment was renamed the Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act.

Rep. Mink is a role model for the ages. She should inspire every student on Maui with her contributions that bettered not only a state, but an entire country.

Senate Bill 2446 should pass the Legislature unanimously. It is a fitting legacy for one of Maui’s greatest heroes.

A side note on the new school:

Something in the Patsy Mink High School should bear state Sen. Rosalyn Baker’s name. The fight for this school was over a decade long. Sen. Baker fended off attempts to defund studies for the school, “accidentally” leave funds out of state budgets and, in general, kept a steady eye on it to make sure the project was not derailed.

We know she was active in the renovation of the Lahaina Public Library, so perhaps naming the new school’s library after her would be appropriate. Roz Baker’s key role in getting the new school should be recognized.

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