Trashing a good name

Sometimes we are embarrassed when people refer to national tabloids as “newspapers.”

They are not. We’re not sure what the proper term for them is, but the word “news” should not be in that term.

The Maui News reported this week that state Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy died of cardiac arrhythmia after the plane she was on crashed into the Pacific Ocean shortly after takeoff from Molokai on Dec. 11. She was the only fatality of the nine people on board the doomed aircraft.

The Maui News story was based on the results of Fuddy’s autopsy.

On the same day The Maui News ran its story on the cause of Fuddy’s death, the sensationalistic national tabloid Globe blared out on its front page: “Murdered for knowing where Obama was really born”

Loretta Fuddy, in her role as Health Department director, was the state official who confirmed the authenticity of Barack Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate. She, of course, infuriated so-called “birthers” who insisted Obama was not born in the United States and, therefore, not eligible to be president.

The poor woman – and dedicated public servant – was merely doing her job. She confirmed the authenticity of a state document.

Now the Globe has smeared her good name by suggesting she was killed for her part in a conspiracy. The implication in their headline was that she was murdered to ensure her silence.

Except that isn’t even close to the truth. A Cessna Caravan had a catastrophic engine failure shortly after takeoff. The heart of a decent 65-year-old woman gave out after the stress of the crash.

She was a very good person and doesn’t deserve the treatment the Globe has given her.

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