A old man’s suggestions II

We occasionally write here about driving on Maui, the weather and – when we are being really creative – about driving on Maui in bad weather.

Well, as has been mentioned here before, the rain lately has been awfully wet. Now, that is not a complaint. In fact, our sprinklers have now been off for over a month and, as a result, our most recent water bill was the closest thing we received to a Valentine.

But, at the risk of sounding a wee bit crabby, we’d like to once again offer some suggestions to certain isle drivers:

1. When there is a downpour, slow down.

2. When there is a downpour, turn on your headlights.

3. At dusk and dawn, use your headlights (and not just those tiny little fog lights, either.

Those suggestions have been made in this space before. To that list, we would add one more recent observation:

4. Get rid of your halogen headlights.

This last suggestion came about after a conversation with some other old men, so it’s not just us. Those white, glaring halogen lights may be great for the driver of the car equipped with them, but they blind the drivers of oncoming vehicles.

Frankly, we see stars for several seconds after a set of halogen lights goes by.

These suggestions for drivers in rainy and dusky conditions are made with one simple purpose – to assure that our drivers can see and be seen when lighting conditions are less than perfect.

So, there you have it – Saturday rantings of a crabby old man. Slow down and turn on your headlights when vision is obscured by storms or darkness.

* Editorials reflect the opinion of the publisher.