Showcasing our athletes

One might not think there would be a great deal of appeal in Hawaii for the Winter Olympics.

After all, winter sports are not that big in a state where 80 degrees or so is the mean temperature, right? Well, maybe, but consider a few things that anyone, anywhere has to admire and appreciate:

1. The American ice dancing team that brought home the gold medal Monday night has been skating – and working – together for 17 years. Meryl Davis and Charlie White performed to near perfection, giving the U.S. its first gold ever in the event.

2. The U.S. two-man bobsled team brought home the first medal in that competition since 1952. Steve Holcomb and Steve Langdon won the bronze.

3. American David Wise won the gold in the scary sport of halfpipe skiing. The stunning aerobatics of the event made us hang on tight to keep from falling out of our recliner.

4. Both the men’s and women’s U.S. hockey teams are on track for medals – perhaps gold for both. The women will play Canada today for their gold medal. At this writing, the U.S. men’s team was still one win away from a platform performance.

All of these events have happened just this week in the Olympics – and there has been a lot more.

The point is that the Olympics bring out the best in our young athletes. Whether they leave with a medal or a broken heart, all our country’s competitors deserve thanks for the entertainment and respect for all of the hard work that got them to Sochi.

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