Lighter side of the news

Sometimes we like to take a lighter tone on Saturdays and update readers on items they may not have seen in this paper – or in or on any other news outlet

Take for example this tidbit from The Associated Press headlined “Police seek buggy driver in Western Pa. hit-and-run.”

It seems that last Sunday a reckless driver in an Amish buggy struck a passenger vehicle in New Wilmington – not once but twice – then fled from the scene of the accident.

The buggy driver had not been identified as of Thursday.

The victim was a woman in a Honda CRV, a make described as a cross-over vehicle. The buggy was apparently a traditional horse-front-of vehicle.

Nobody was hurt in the accident(s).

Or, pity the poor art lover in Colorado. Again according to the AP, code enforcement officers in Colorado Springs have agreed with neighbors that a homeowner who wants to call toilets hanging from a tree in his front yard “works of art” is incorrect.

The homeowner has agreed to take the commodes out of the tree but says they will remain on his property as bird feeders. It is perhaps nothing more than a unique way of hunting.

But most people flush birds with dogs, not toilets.

And, finally, two companies are fighting New Mexico environmental officials for the right to dig up an Alamogordo landfill in search of Atari game cartridges for the worst video game of all time, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.”

Atari allegedly dumped thousands of the cartridges in the landfill after the game proved to be a colossal bomb. Atari supposedly gave Steven Spielberg millions of dollars for the rights to develop a game based on the hit movie.

Developers rushed it to market within six weeks and the ensuing flop brought the company to its financial knees.

It is rumored that many of these same developers later found employment developing the Affordable Health Care website.

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