Visitor industry still doing well

February’s numbers for visitor arrivals and expenditures continued the general trend of leveling off from last year’s torrid pace.

While arrivals from the U.S. Mainland and Japan are down, the Hawai’i Tourism Authority said it is working to increase international arrivals, focusing on Korea, China and Taiwan.

Those efforts appear to be paying off. In February, arrivals from Korea were up 5 percent and China was up 4.4 percent. Year to date, Korea is up 18.8 percent, China 4.8 percent and Taiwan is up 211.7 percent.

On Maui, visitor arrivals were down 2.9 percent in February from a year ago, down 2.8 percent year to date. Average spending per person per day dipped from $205.50 last February to $201.70 this year.

The good news includes the average length of stay on Maui crept up slightly to 8.82 days from 8.5 last February, and average spending per person per trip was up about $39.

Across Hawaii, more people visited the islands for conventions, meetings and honeymoons than they did last year.

The problem with the hot pace of 2012 and the first half of 2013 is that it is impossible to maintain the year-over-year growth indefinitely.

The visitor industry is still doing very well here and throughout Hawaii, despite being slightly behind 2013 numbers.

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