Anniversary of a tragedy

Today is the first anniversary of the bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

While this year’s race will not be held until next Monday, tributes will be held today in Boston to honor not only the victims of that horrendous act but also all of the first responders whose courage saved so many lives. reported that three people were killed and a total of 264 people sought treatment at hospitals – 170 of the injuries were classified as “serious.” Another security officer died during the manhunt for the suspects in the bombings.

While dozens were maimed, it is impossible to determine how many people lived when first responders and ordinary citizens applied tourniquets to severed limbs.

It is appalling to look at’s list of the victims and see the number of “severe leg injury” notations next to the names. By our count, there were 34 such injuries on the list – and there were other simple leg injuries.

There is not a count of amputations that we can determine. But it is a good guess that all of those with “severe leg injuries” would have bled to death without immediate treatment.

Ordinary citizens stepped forward, applied first aid and comforted the injured.

Area emergency rooms stepped up and handled a record number of trauma cases. Boston is blessed with some of the finest hospitals in the nation and they proved their worth by saving so many lives.

So, there were a lot of heroes last year in Boston. They should be celebrated.

Two terrorist brothers tried to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible with their improvised explosive devices. They did a lot of physical damage but it appears that the spirit known as “Boston Pride” has emerged strengthened.

And next Monday, the 118th running of the Boston Marathon will go on as scheduled.

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