Saluting this year’s grads

Friday’s Maui News had a section on the 2014 graduates from Maui County high schools.

As we pored through the names of the graduates, some memories were stirred of our own scholastic days (we graduated “magna cum difficulty” from high school, then had an even less-distinguished college career).

We also remembered how it felt as a parent to know that your child is now an adult about to carve out a life of his or her own. A small tear is not an embarrassment, but appropriate.

While we were a little bit jealous of these graduates who were either joining the workforce or embarking on a college career, we remember the trepidation we felt when in their shoes. So, we’d like to tell all you graduates, it is perfectly natural to be a little bit nervous about what comes next in your life.

But, don’t worry – just as there were always teachers, classmates and parents to help you in the past, you’ll also find new friends and mentors in the future. And, oh yeah, a bunch of those old friends will still be around to lend support.

The only pieces of advice we’d give are simple and you probably already know them:

1. Showing up for a job or class is not the same as working.

2. If you want to get ahead, if you want to impress a professor or a boss, go well beyond the minimum required.

3. If you are employed, share your ideas with your boss on improving work performance, cutting costs and growing the company.

4. Be cheerful and be helpful to other students/employees.

The world lies before you. Congratulations on your graduation and good luck with the next chapter in your life.

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