Arakawa for mayor

Alan Arakawa deserves re-election to the office of mayor of Maui County.

The mayor assembled a team that deserves a lot of credit for the recovery from the recession. Certainly, the huge growth in commercial construction is a sign that there is a lot of confidence in Maui County’s near future.

A lot of our construction workers are back on the job – and it looks like there is plenty of work still to come.

The mayor and his team have also changed the tone of county government’s dealings with small businesses. As we wrote when we first endorsed him four years ago, Arakawa’s approach is to be Chief Facilitator, not Chief Enforcer.

That approach has certainly worked. The mayor and his administration have helped citizens stay or get in compliance with the law. Their goal is to help small operators prosper, not shut them down.

That is a far cry from the tone of the government he inherited. The mayor understands that small businesses are the engines of job creation.

Arakawa has also demonstrated a commitment to improving the county’s infrastructure. If all politics are local, then the mayor and his team are expert politicians. Whether it is fixing potholes, expanding bus services or developing systems to renew car license plates online, the administration is making life easier and better on Maui.

That commitment to improvement flows from the top. It is the main reason Arakawa deserves another four-year term.

We recommend re-electing Alan Arakawa mayor.

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