Re-elect this good team

West Maui is fortunate to have an effective legislative team in state Sen. Roz Baker and state Rep. Angus McKelvey.

Baker’s 6th Senate District also encompasses South Maui so it benefits from her stature in the Legislature as well.

While McKelvey is unchallenged in the Aug. 9 Democratic primary, Baker will face newcomer Terez Amato.

Frankly, Baker would deserve re-election if she had never done anything else but secure the $130 million for the building of the new high school in South Maui. She has championed the project for over a decade. When attempts were made in the Legislature a couple of years ago to surreptitiously cut funding for the project, Sen. Baker rode to the rescue.

She is known as a stalwart for education and has been instrumental in securing funding for other schools on Maui, including UH-Maui College. With the challenges facing Maui Memorial Medical Center in the near future, her knowledge of the Hawaii Health Systems Corp. – and health care in general – should help our hospital find a long-term solution for its financial problems.

Baker and McKelvey worked together for years to get the long talked about Lahaina Bypass built. The first phases were completed last year, a project Gov. Neil Abercrombie recalled discussing as a state lawmaker in the 1970s.

Baker and McKelvey also know how to communicate. Their end-of-session talk stories with constituents are designed to keep voters informed.

In our newsroom, Baker and McKelvey are appreciated for being responsive. When our reporters call for their thoughts on pending bills or legislative actions, these two always call back. Again, they take seriously their responsibility to let the public know what the Legislature is doing.

So, we’d urge support for Sen. Baker in both the primary and general elections – and for Rep. McKelvey in the general election.

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