Abercrombie on Saturday

As we wrote here a short time ago, Neil Abercrombie does not get enough credit for the accomplishments during his administration.

Among them, we’d cite:

1. Hawaii’s economy has had a tremendous rebound since what Abercrombie refers to as the “Great Recession.” The visitor industry is rock solid and commercial construction and real estate are doing well.

2. Abercrombie had the guts to be the first governor of any state we know of to address head-on the issue of “unfunded liabilities” in public employee pensions and health care benefits.

3. The governor inherited a $200 million-plus deficit – the surplus last year was over $800 million and remains around $500 million this year. He did this while restoring the timely payment of state income tax refunds and burnishing the state’s credit rating.

4. Abercrombie had the courage to call a special session of the Legislature to address the issue of same-sex marriage. Now, all Hawaii’s citizens enjoy the civil rights government accords to married people.

5. The governor ended Furlough Fridays.

We have not always agreed with the governor’s style or methods, but just the list above is pretty impressive. He said when he ran for governor in 2010 that he would make the “hard decisions” to help Hawaii’s economy regain its footing. And he has.

Abercrombie’s primary opponent – state Sen. David Ige – seems like a fine, intelligent person. But he has not enunciated a view for the future that we feel is a compelling reason to turn away from the governor.

Therefore, we would recommend a vote for Neil Abercrombie in Saturday’s Democratic primary election.

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