Oppposite of negative

A lot of people hate negative political campaigning. In this spot, we’ve railed about pathetic candidates who have nothing to offer except the latest dirt (usually lies) about their opponent.

The slick ads and posters smearing candidates dominate most campaigns.

So what is the antidote to the sickness of dirty campaigning? We think Hawaii has the perfect example of what constitutes positive politicking sign-waving.

We are amazed – and impressed – every time we see a group of folks out on the street waving signs for their favorite candidate for the County Council or the state House. It is obvious in most cases that the sign-wavers are the candidate’s friends and family – the ones who know the would-be representative best.

Boy, if the people who know you best are for you, you must have something on the ball.

And that apparently is the basis for sign-waving. By getting out there and supporting your friend you are vouching for his or her character. It is hard to imagine a more positive way to campaign.

Now, occasionally you’ll see a big, organized sign-waving effort. But they don’t usually have the energy and the smiles of those ragtag groups of eight to 10 people out there singing the praises of their neighbor.

But even the big efforts are a nice break from the dirt in a lot of commercials. It is an attempt to be positive by being for a candidate – not against another.

The whole country could learn from our sign-wavers. So, the next time you see some folks out waving their friends’ signs, give them a smile and a shaka. They’ve earned it.

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