Woodson for District 9 seat

Justin Woodson has served as the state House District 9 representative since his appointment in January 2013 by Gov. Neil Abercrombie.

Woodson’s ascension was the result of the series of appointments that followed the death of U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye. Abercrombie appointed Brian Schatz to Inouye’s seat; Maui state Sen. (and Senate president) Shan Tsutsui succeeded Schatz as lieutenant governor; District 9 Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran was then appointed to Tsutsui’s seat in the state Senate; and Woodson was chosen for the District 9 seat.

Woodson is a small-business owner who worked in the past in both houses of the state Legislature. He lists his areas of intense interest as education, energy costs, job creation and affordable housing.

The District 9 representative has three children in the public school system. He is an ardent supporter of the reforms brought about since the inception of the appointed state school board simply because “they are working.” He points to rising test scores and the emphasis on individual student results as proof of that success.

Woodson says the teacher evaluation portion of the equation needs “tweaking” but is an essential part of education reform.

The state representative cites Hawaii’s new Green Energy Market Securitization program as an important advance in making solar systems available to low- to moderate-income residents. The program is designed to allow Hawaii residents to install systems in a “cost-neutral” environment. In other words, financing of the system will be no more than a resident’s current electric bill.

Woodson has pledged to review current government policies – and proposed new ones – to make sure they stimulate job growth. He is also committed to being open to any and all initiatives to create truly affordable housing in the state.

Woodson’s enthusiasm is infectious. It is obvious when he talks about finding ways for Hawaii’s families to afford homes, he has walked the walk. His personal experiences inform his vote on the subject.

We’d recommend a vote for Justin Woodson for state House District 9.

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