Vladimir Putin is leader of the new world order

Forget politics, forget ideology, forget government. The die is cast and the world is hardening in the mold of the new world order.

Vladimir Putin is its leader and Donald Trump wants to be at his side. Putin was able to coerce Trump with hundreds of millions of borrowed capital together with backdoor deals, enabling him to control (blackmail) Trump — typical KGB tactics used to gain control of individuals.

Donald Trump was compromised with underhanded deals that made him vulnerable. In Trump, Putin found his Trojan horse: an indulged, money-hungry, narcissist with a penchant for stardom.

Was the election hacked? Was it tampered with? You bet it was! Donald knew about it right from the start. At one point during the campaign, he fiendishly asked Russia to hack into Hillary’s email. He made it sound like a joke, but it wasn’t.

Since assuming the presidency, Trump has insulted and gone to task with a number of world leaders. In doing so, he managed to destroy years of trust and goodwill the U.S. cajoled and labored to establish with other countries. Recently, Chancellor Merkel of Germany even went as far as to say that Europe can no longer count on the certainty of American support. Trump has in effect rendered our treaties defunct.

Hopefully, Congress wakes up and dismisses this buffoon before he completely shreds the country asunder.

Bill Coelho