More heroes in storms’ wake

Only 10 days ago, we wrote about some of the everyday heroes who descended on Texas to help fellow citizens after the tragic flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

“There were also ordinary citizens who came from all over to help. We watched story after story of people who had boats hitch them up to their trucks and drive hundreds of miles to help in the relief effort.

“A Houston furniture dealer turned both of his stores into shelters, housing over 500 people. Teenagers rescued the elderly and the sick from stranded homes — walking through waist-deep water with those poor folks clinging to their backs.

“The volunteers and those rescued were all shades of skin — every interview we saw had the rescuers stating they were simply saving their brothers and sisters.”

A similar reaction is occurring in Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma — the largest such Atlantic storm in history. We were amazed to hear the story of the man who bought the last generator in a store giving it away to a complete stranger whose father was dependent on an electrically operated oxygen tank.

Ramon Santiago saw Pam Brekke crying and immediately gave her the lifesaving generator.

“She needs the generator,” he said simply.

There was story after story of neighbors helping neighbors, of unrelenting efforts by federal, state and municipal officials imploring citizens to get to shelters. The Red Cross worked tirelessly to protect and feed those in need.

Now, we are impressed by efforts from celebrities to raise funds to aid the victims of both storms.

These back-to-back disasters have shown, once again, what a kind and thoughtful nation we live in.

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