March is Red Cross month

Whenever one reads a newspaper or watches a news story about devastating events, the only constant seems to be the response by the American Red Cross and its volunteers.

One of the great honors of our adult life was the opportunity to serve on the board of directors of the American Red Cross — Hawaii State Chapter.

While the Sandys, Isaacs, Katrinas, Hugos and Inikis may grab the headlines, there are a spate of smaller disasters that the Red Cross deals with on a daily basis that impact us here in Hawaii. House and brush fires, flash flooding, police standoffs and the like regularly send Red Cross volunteers into action.

Certainly though, 2017 saw more than its share of the really big disasters. Three of the five largest hurricanes in U.S. history occurred last year. Harvey, Irma and Maria caused over $200 billion in damage. And the Red Cross was there throughout. Red Cross volunteers from Hawaii deployed to all these emergencies. Should we face such devastation, Red Cross volunteers from other states will deploy here.

This is the Red Cross’ 101st year in Hawaii. You can help support its essential life-saving, life-affirming efforts by making a donation. Simply visit its website at and click on Donate Funds at the top of the page.

If you are more comfortable mailing a check, send it to American Red Cross, 4155 Diamond Head Road, Honolulu 96816 

Remember, the Red Cross is a nonprofit, nongovernmental, humanitarian organization that is dependent on donations from folks like us to always be ready when disaster strikes. The Hawaii Chapter reminds us there is never a charge for assistance to disaster victims.

Help shore up the Red Cross. Make a donation today.

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