The newspaper as a whole

One of the reader-friendly features of many current newspaper websites (including is the ability to see every page of that day’s print edition.

Replica editions show every article, every photo, every advertisement just as they appeared in that day’s edition of the newspaper. In our case, the replica edition is accessed by hitting “Today’s Paper” at the top of our website.

The replica edition is available at no extra charge to print or digital subscribers of The Maui News. Simply log in. If it is your first time visiting, 2 inches above the main photo you’ll find a line in blue that says “Click Here to Sign Up or Log In for online access.” The site will walk you through the process or you may call our circulation department for assistance.

There is also a free “Maui News on the Go” app for use on tablets or cellphones if you prefer an experience designed specifically for mobile devices. Either way, going through the website or the app, every page of the paper is displayed in high definition.

For insomniacs, the replica edition means you can enjoy every page of the paper beginning at 2 a.m. the day of publication. For travelers, it means you can keep up on all the local news while visiting the Mainland, Europe, Japan or anywhere else in the world.

Again, we have made our replica edition part of our internet offering because traditional websites do not have all the features of the print edition. Now you will not miss a single photo or article that was in an edition of The Maui News.

We are very proud of “Maui News on the Go” and hope you will try it soon if you are not already using it.

* Editorials reflect the opinion of the publisher.