A big phish in a big pond

The email was right there in the regular in-box on the computer.

The program had not flagged it as spam. It was innocuous looking. It read:

“Card Security Notification Email

“Dear Customer,

“The security of your account is very important to us. Please follow the reference below to verify card ownership immediately.

“Online Card Verification.

“Thank you for your continued Card Membership.


“Blank Blank Customer Care”

Of course, the signature did not read “Blank Blank Customer Care” — no, it had the name of a very big, and very real, credit card company.

The only problem was we didn’t have an account with that company. In that sense, it was a sloppy job of phishing.

If we had an account with the company, we’re certain the next step after we clicked on the line “Online Card Verification” would have been to fill in our credit card number. That probably would have resulted in a successful phishing expedition.

Don’t respond to emails that ask you to give out credit card numbers, Social Security numbers or other personal information. If a bank or credit card company detects suspicious activity on your account, it will call you. It will never ask for sensitive information in an email.

If you believe there is suspicious activity on your account, call the number on your credit card immediately.

Phishing is a big business today — a big, criminal business. Don’t fall victim to the crooks by giving out personal information.

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