Adding GET at point of sale is not rocket science

Once again, Lowell Kalapa graces us with his annual diatribe bemoaning the Hawaii general excise tax (The Maui News, Jan. 17). Once again, he blesses us with comments like: “Anyone who has had to comply with the general excise tax knows how the tax can decimate whatever kind of profit a business may have anticipated.”

Really? I don’t believe I’ve ever received a bill or receipt that does not include a line item adding 4 percent GET to the sale price. Has anyone? Is Kalapa actually trying to tell us that a successful businessperson who can add up his cost of goods (services) sold, all of the varied items that make up his overhead and a reasonable profit to arrive at a sale price is yet then too dumb to add 4 percent GET at point of sale? I’m a businessman and I assure you I can add it. As a matter of fact, I think Kalapa has just insulted me.

Lowell, I think you owe all of the successful business people in Hawaii an apology. As a matter of fact, you should probably do the same for Punahou and Northwestern. Surely you slept through math class. Enough already.

Al Rabold