Area around Maalaea bus stop needs beautification

I write about two situations in Maalaea that make the area look junky and inhospitable.

There is now a major bus stop and transfer station immediately south of the ocean center, but there are no places for those waiting to sit. Some people have donated miscellaneous lawn chairs to try to alleviate the discomfort, and there is even one wooden shipping pallet there now that people use to sit or lean against. The area looks like a junk pile. Why can’t the bus company put some regular benches there, and perhaps even a small shelter to protect riders from the elements?

A second reason the area looks so junky is that the ocean center, for reasons unknown, took out all the beautiful landscaping that was along the high south wall of the ocean center. I called after that happened some time ago and was assured that the area would be replanted. Nothing has happened for a year, and this contributes to making that area of the bus stop and transfer station look blighted. The bus company and the ocean center need to get together and make that area as beautiful and hospitable as it once was, and get the junky chairs and the wooden pallet removed and replaced with some decent seating for passengers who are waiting. That would be the aloha way to deal with the problem.

Jim Richardson

Maalaea / Reno, Nev.