Betting on ice cream, healthy food and the 49ers

Foods you eat that shorten your memory faster are cheese, hamburger, potato chips and french fries, plus doughnuts.

The final item that shortens your memory faster is my favorite dessert – ice cream.

So what do I do? As I will become an octogenarian this year, I decided to stop reading this health journal.

Bring on the banana split with the chocolate syrup, and I will eat it faster than you can say Colin Kaepernick.

Bananas are good for you. So is broccoli and most cabbages. I eat those along with the ice cream. That tops off a good, healthy meal.

So ice cream for everyone when the 49ers win the Super Bowl and defeat the Patriots for the title.

I might wager a cheeseburger and a banana split on this one.

Rick Medina