County Council should stick to the rules on TVRs

Back on the table again is the topic of transient vacation rentals (The Maui News, Jan. 23).

Last year, the County Council voted to put a cap on TVRs – so many here and there, and so forth. What happened to that?

Now Puamana is asking for 230 units for TVRs. That’s way out of the amount the County Council decided on for the west side. Am I wrong?

Most of the tenants there are Canadians and time-share buyers, am I wrong? Why are they asking for this? I don’t know, but these little issues brought up to planning commissions and then the County Council cost money – at whose expense? Get with it.

Council members, stick to what you voted on. If you don’t remember, ask your staff to refresh your memories – let them work for the bonuses you gave them.

Rudy Sumabat