Don’t deny guns to the people who need them

Gun control should not only deny guns, it should also put guns in the hands of the people who need them.

Our society is set up so that we gather as a people at malls, airports, schools, farmers markets and sports arenas. We are a social type of species.

When a person enters my 3rd-grader’s school to randomly kill, I really don’t want school security to ask that person for a hall pass. I want them to drop him or her dead right then and there. Wouldn’t you? All rights that person has as a citizen ends – no fair trial, no free shelter, food, clothes and medical that myself and my child will support because now that person is a convicted famous murderer.

I am a vegan, but have many friends and family who hunt and exercise their right to bear arms. They respect their firearms by cleaning, handling correctly, storing and purchasing the required licensing as their children watch and learn. Why deny these people the right to do so? Will it really stop the senseless murdering? Why punish the wrong people by denying them the right to bear arms?

More than ever, we need to use gun control wisely and put guns in the hands of those who protect us. It seems pretty clear as the nose on my face to me.

Debbie May