Editorial cartoon unfairly lampoons the president

The Maui News editorial cartoon on Jan. 8 depicting the president in the driver’s seat of a tow truck pulling a disabled 40-foot trailer with bold lettering on its side “Religious Liberty” has no contextual meaning, is misleading and has a distorted implication.

In point of fact, Sgt. 1st Class Greg Stube, a highly decorated U.S. Army Green Beret and inspirational speaker, had been scheduled to address members of Catch-A-Dream Foundation, which provides hunting and fishing trips to children with life-threatening illnesses. Catch-A-Dream Executive Director Dr. Marty Brunson stated that Sgt. Stube’s appearance had been disallowed “not (as) a function of any influence or directive from the president but rather an application of existing policy regarding the involvement of military personnel in fundraising activities.”

Lampooning the president inaccurately by implying something other than the truth is beneath the integrity quotient of The Maui News – or should be.

David L. Florence