Editorials have it all wrong on federal budget

Maui News editorials continue to mal-inform readers on national issues because the authors don’t know what they are talking about. Recently, back-to-back editorials offered us more straw men.

Learn this: Budgets are only resolutions with no legal standing. They serve only as a guideline for committees to follow when authorizing spending and later appropriating the funds, i.e., instructing the Treasury Department to spend. It is members of both parties, with the consent of the president, who have been ordering more funds to be spent without raising revenues to cover them, requiring an increase in the debt ceiling in order to pay those ordered bills, not to spend more.

In 2011, congressional Republicans pushed through the Budget Control Act, setting budget limits on spending through this year. That’s why no budgets have been acted on in the Senate in 2012 and 2013. Democrats are correct to say no budgets were needed, because they would be redundant. Budget action will return this year.

House actions on budgets the past two years are nothing more than gimmicks wasting time and money, i.e., straw men they use to tar and feather Democrats, more of the sordid GOP demonizing of recent years.

When the Senate acts on the budget later this year, the GOP, led by Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn, will pile on amendments and then filibuster when it doesn’t get everything it wants to delay and to demonize opponents.

Please know what you are talking about before setting pen to paper.

Howard Fields