Elite snobs have hijacked Maui Democratic Party

The skies were crying even in Kihei recently; tears of shame and sorrow over the injustice done to the honorable James “Kimo” Apana by the Maui Democratic Party hacks who would not even place his name on the list to replace Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran.

A few summers ago, when Rep. Bob Nakasone was diagnosed with cancer, I happened to run into Kimo and Rep. Joe Souki at the County Clerk’s Office. We were all pulling papers to run for office. Kimo was filing for Nakasone’s seat, as it was assumed the incumbent would not run again due to his illness. A few days later, when Nakasone unexpectedly did file to run, Kimo immediately withdrew his name out of consideration for Nakasone.

This is the very same Hawaii State House of Representatives seat that Gov. Linda Lingle appointed Gil Keith-Agaran to when Nakasone passed away a few months later.

To me it is unexplainable how the longtime leader of Maui Democrats could be passed over for lesser-known and less-qualified people. It just shows how out-of-touch the elite snobs are who have hijacked the Maui Democratic Party over the last 10 years.

Mark Kanae Smith