Focus shouldn’t be on legally owned guns in home

In response to “Tougher laws needed to make sure guns secured” (Letters, Jan. 25): Let’s consider the facts.

We all can agree that the recent shootings and needless loss of lives are a tragedy that should never have happened. However, directing the focus solely to legally owned guns in the home is perhaps a bit naive.

Firstly, I do not believe anyone is attempting to, as the letter writer states, “control mental illness,” but rather to put systems in place to identify and help those in need before something terrible happens again. In other words, pay more attention to our children and our surroundings and take responsibility.

Secondly, to purport that the homeowner’s guns are the main source of evil does not really take into account what is happening in the world outside the home. There are literally hundreds of gang-related shootings and other crimes involving guns occurring on a daily basis. And I promise you, the guns used in those crimes did not come from mom’s, dad’s or brother’s gun cabinet at home.

To solve this problem we need to be sensible, get back to basics and make smart decisions not based on political popularity or in the heat of the moment. Pointing the finger in anger without a viable solution serves no one.

Roy Ayala