Forming support group for amputees is the goal

I’m looking for a place of business to host a one-hour meeting, once a month to help provide support to amputees and their families. This is 100 percent nonprofit and merely to offer support, resources and information.

There are currently no support groups on Maui for amputees and I would like to help change that.

I am a recent double amputee, and a life coach/counselor, with a Ph.D. in psychology. My husband and I would like to offer our emotional and mental support, any information we have and connect others with organizations that often help financially as well.

Once we obtain a location to hold the meetings, we will set up an online forum and make contact with medical professionals in this field locally and the prosthetics companies that come in from Oahu to provide them with website information and all needed information on meetings and online support available.

This is an effort to help support people in our community, to connect with others going through similar experiences and to help deal with the feelings that come with losing a limb – whether it be yourself or a loved one. This will be a safe place for people to come, to talk, listen, help grow and move forward. We can all help one another so much and there is never a better time to start than right now.

Anyone who would like to help with a location and/or participate in the group can send email to

Peggy Kan Hai