Future of Maui boat facilities must be considered

The Maui News article on Jan. 6 regarding the development of a 22-acre vacant parcel on Front Street in Lahaina posed the opposing viewpoints of short-term outlook for a housing project versus a long-term outlook for the future of boat facilities on Maui.

Yes, perhaps we need more housing in West Maui, but more important in this case perhaps is the entire future of boat facilities on Maui since they obviously have to be done close to the ocean, whereas housing can be constructed almost anywhere.

Who can deny that the subject property is a unique (if not the only) possibility to provide something along the lines of what the partners suggested for a new West Maui harbor?

Hopefully the Maui Planning Commission and whoever else needs to approve the development of this property will consider the need for more vital alternatives than just another housing project. And maybe the Weinberg Foundation might even be interested in something more than just a development.

Keith Dinsmoor