GOP plan, team needed to turn state around

The Republican Party has had long enough to lick its wounds over the last election. It is time to get back up and come up with a plan.

The fact is that the Democrats have been in power for far too long in Hawaii. We are No. 1 in food stamps, have the worst education, drug use is a serious issue, foreclosures are getting worse. I could go on all day.

Most people acknowledge those problems but continue to elect the party that created them. That can’t be denied because there has been no real Republican influence here. Even when Linda Lingle was governor, she did not have a Republican Legislature.

I believe that the reason people continue to elect this party even though its ideas are no good is because it is united and has candidates willing to run.

It is time for the Republicans to unite and be willing to run. A strong Republican team can turn things around. I know that running for office is something most feel that they can’t do, but I did. If I can, you can. If you are a Republican, find me on Facebook or email me at and we can put together a strong united team for next time. The time to start, though, is now.

Erin McLaughlin