Gun control is simpleton’s way to placate masses

Allentown, Penn., was my home from 1937 to 1955. It was a heavily industrialized area and a hunter’s paradise bristling with guns, yet during those years there was only one murder of which I was aware. It was a knife murder and so shocking that I still remember the killer’s name from nearly 60 years ago.

We also had a large insane asylum in that area to sequester and care for the mentally unfit.

Can you see a connection here? When society is sold a bill of goods that we need not pay to house and treat the mentally unstable (presumably by politicians who want to spend the money elsewhere, liberals horrified at incarceration, and psychotropic drugmakers anxious to sell pills), we instead have let them roam free, alternately zonked on or withdrawing from powerful drugs (Wikipedia lists 76, each with many scary side effects), we then began paying a price not in dollars but in innocent blood.

Gun control is a simpleton’s feel-good legislative sleight-of-hand designed to placate the masses and relieve others of their protection against an increasingly tyrannical government. Ironically, it is doomed from the start by the new machines which can actually print working gun parts. Howitzer anyone?

Richard Mealey