Having more guns would result in fewer shootings

Ever notice that whenever there was a shooting that the places were gun-free areas? Why? Because it was just that – gun free – no guns around to protect the citizens or children.

Why can’t we use retired law enforcement officers or ex-military to protect our own? If there are such people walking around to protect lives I can guarantee you that any person, mental or not, would think twice before attempting such acts.

And another thing that amuses me is everybody is freaking out about armed men protecting our schools, but the president has armed guards at his children’s school to protect his family. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – this president doesn’t have to play by the same rules as the rest of us, bummer.

To all you gun-hating advocates, talking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens will only make the criminals the ones with guns. They can get them anywhere, anytime. And do they care about how they received them? No. That’s why they’re called criminals.

Guns are like drugs, you can find them anywhere and the more you try to restrict them the more they will be available to the criminals.

To the general misinformed, try educating yourself first before you go stomping the pavement.

Steve W. Kear