Hold president accountable for Benghazi tragedy

Approximately 40 years ago, documentation shows that Hillary Rodham eagerly participated in the Watergate investigation. Will the secretary of state and possible 2016 Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton be equally zealous (under oath) for the truth during investigation of the Benghazi American consulate tragedy of Sept. 11?

Apparently, both Watergate and Benghazi were politically motivated situations to seek an advantage during re-election activities. The office break-in at Watergate, in which no deaths occurred, found that individuals had their hands in the cookie jar. President Richard Nixon was held accountable and painfully did the right and honorable thing by resigning for the good of the country.

Benghazi, in which four deaths occurred, appeared to be a hands in the cookie jar replay, and if properly and zealously investigated and reported by mainstream media (clearly journalism with an agenda) might relegate Watergate to a mere afternoon tea party. Therefore, it seemingly follows that rules of fairness would suggest President Barack Obama be held accountable.

“Pono – Do What is Right” and resign as an honorable thing for the good of the country.

Roger A. Rowehl