Kahului fireworks tradition not what it once was

Kahului, what a show of sight and sound of fireworks this year – and for three days at least. And here I thought there was a time limit that you could do it in, I must just be getting older cause this tradition isn’t what it once was and there must be no evil spirits left after all that.

To those of you who have associations that can be of help, you are lucky; some of their rules probably don’t seem of much sense but they do help.

When Kahului was first built, we had one of those, too. People could voice concerns and they collected dues and now nothing. Now you have to call the police if you ask people enough after three days. Your niceness is tried. The smoke in your house, noise and mess it leaves behind that they don’t clean up.

But the worst is when the fires start and someone loses their home because of this traditions and that is what is so very sad.

Teresa Kerr