Late Maui artist gave much to public schools

Thank you for the thoughtful Jan. 11 article about the death of Maui artist Connie Adams. The loss of this amazing woman is being felt throughout the state and by hundreds of adults and children.

One thing that was not mentioned in the article was Connie’s work in the public schools. She was on the state Foundation on Culture and the Arts’ Artistic Teaching Partners roster and therefore able to work through the Artists in the Schools grants program.

Over the past 10 years, Connie worked with many students, including at Baldwin High School, 2nd-graders at Haiku School and, most recently, 150 3rd-graders at Lihikai School.

Lihikai teacher Cathleen Murayama said, “Connie was an incredible person. She worked tirelessly to provide the students with some watercolor background, appreciation for the arts, and also using the arts to learn about a distant culture (Australian Aborigines) while having each of them create an original piece of art. Her residency with the students went right up until the Thursday before we went on (winter) break. Although the students just about completed their art piece, a ceremony was in the works to feature all of the artists in 3rd grade in January. Connie was so excited about wanting the students to be able to show their work. We also regret that the staff did not have . . . our professional development workshops by Connie.”

Connie was a deeper thinker with a beautiful smile. She contributed so much to our community and will be dearly missed.

Susana Browne

Education Director Maui Arts & Cultural Center