Legacy of Sen. Inouye may be felt in next election

The legacy of the late Sen. Daniel Inouye will live on. Agree or disagree.

After 50 years in the U.S. Senate, he brought to Hawaii’s people the bacon, Chinese roast pork, huli huli chicken, etc. The military, veterans, Native Hawaiians and many others were recipients and beneficiaries of Inouye’s legislative work and connections.

After all the political speeches that rightfully honor and dignify him from Washington, D.C., to the Hawaii State Capitol, he is now resting in the Punchbowl cemetery.

Often a dying person expresses his last wish (no life support, give house to his children, money to wife, etc.). One of Inouye’s last wishes was to have Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa succeed in his Senate seat. The governor and Democrat Party did not honor his wish. In the case of a past election, Congressman Ed Case did not honor protocol and chose to run against his mentor, Sen. Daniel Akaka, for his Senate seat. The rest is history.

In old-school thinking to honor one’s words or wishes it didn’t need to be written down or extended a guarantee handshake.

Maybe when the election season rolls around again, a hand with an eye on the index finger will appear from Punchbowl cemetery looking at who is running for office and who might need an election spanking.

Larry Helm

Hoolehua, Molokai