Maui Electric Co.’s charges are out of control

It’s the time of the month when the mail comes and I just dread seeing that green-and-white envelope. You just know that it will probably be no good, and that it has become an out-of-control game no matter how hard you try to keep it down.

Have you guessed yet? Our electric bill that has gotten to be half of a mortgage or rent payment. I too live in the dark and do not use any extras. But I can use less one month and the price per day goes up anyway. But wow, this past month was even worse than it has ever been. Must have been the small Christmas lights, or maybe the saw I used or the weed eater.

With these prices and all else, our island home has nothing that our local people will be left that they can afford. Homes are not affordable and you cannot, with all these prices, be able to have electricity and money to pay your bills and eat.

There was no current news on Maui Electric Co.’s website that the increases it sought after and got or the fuel prices that are subject to decreasing have even been gained either way. It is truly becoming a paradise that we can no longer afford and that word is best left for the glossy tourist publications.

Teresa Kerr