Media has an agenda to make gun owners look evil

Why is it that the media mostly reports only gun incidents that have turned bad but ignore the good stories when they happen?

What about the woman who recently shot an intruder with her handgun and possibly saved the live of her children and herself? What about the two off-duty security guards who stopped a potential mall shooting?

You hear about an hour of media time when having a gun turned out to be a good thing and then nothing, why? Because the media has an agenda with the president to make gun owners look evil.

What happened to the days when many people had a shotgun or rifle behind their screen door to warn off varmints? Our children were taught to shoot and respect the guns as dangerous weapons if mishandled. We had no problems. But in come these violent culture children who flip out after viewing killing games for years to think this is the norm.

Answer: Teach your children gun safety and use them safely if you choose to have them around. And to you gun-hating liberals: Why is it that all the states that have legal carry permits have at least a 25 percent lower crime rate? I guess that doesn’t fit your gun-hating agenda, does it?

Steve W. Kear