Nation’s mental health care system has broken down

There appears to be a common denominator in all the terrible shootings that seem to become more and more frequent. It is the mental health of the perpetrators.

The death of the Longs Drug Store manager (The Maui News, Dec. 29) did not include a weapon, but it did involve a man who was a diagnosed schizophrenic who, according to his brother (The Maui News, Jan. 3), was never a violent person and who had tried to reach out for help just a few days before the fatal happening.

My own brother suffered from the same awful mental illness and I thank Providence that he resided in France, where he was able to live a dignified life thanks to that country’s outstanding social services.

Our mental health care system appears broken down. It is the ugly stepsister left in the cellar partly because medical insurance in the U.S. is not available to everyone.

Helena Valery