No matter the extreme, acknowledge all voices

The occasional requests sent to this paper to not print certain letters or cartoons are suggesting censorship, a slippery slope with no end in sight.

Let’s acknowledge all voices no matter how extreme. Only then can their flaws be made obvious.

One might object to the Jan. 14 cartoon. I welcome it. Why kill the messenger? Four captions illustrating killing by way of baseball bat, strangulation, stabbing and gunshot.

Jacques de la Palice couldn’t have stated the obvious better – “You beat/strangle/stabbed him? What’s the matter with you?” The murder by firearm revealed a twist; the wording differs – “You shot him? We’ve to do something about guns?!”

All illustrations show one victim, although we know that high-capacity magazines in automatic or semiautomatic weapons can and do achieve a much greater level of carnage and quickly.

I believe The Maui News, and perhaps the artist as well, are not promoting a viewpoint but rather attempting to make the public aware of an ever-existing belligerent fanatical mindset always using catchy irresistible slogans. Yesterday: Save the Fatherland; today: Save the Constitution. Very attractive to the many kept at a low intellect level and the unsuspecting as well. Shouldn’t you be in lock step with their infallible ideology you’re labeled a traitor. Past history taught us, I hope, to not retreat cowardly behind white picket fences and practice “ostrich-ism.”

Alain Mei