Obama haters are a fringe element of society

As I watched the ceremonies marking the inauguration of President Barack Obama on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, I was filled with pride for my country and my state.

But it occurred to me how shrill the voices are that so loudly militate against Obama. Even here in his home state, on these very pages, people actually sign their names to the most vile descriptions of Obama’s character, his origins and his intentions.

It is important to keep these outlandish voices in proper perspective.

All across America, and especially here in Hawaii, this president is beloved, respected and trusted. As improbable as it seemed to be, America has twice now, by clear majorities, embraced this man and his vision, favoring him over legitimate alternative candidates both times.

And while The Maui News has stated and restated its policy to print almost every letter it receives, we must remember that the hate and bile directed at our president is in no way representative of our community, our state or our nation.

The haters are a fringe element of our society. It has always been so, that haters lurk at the outer edges of our common goodness. Their numbers always eventually wither and disintegrate under the light of day. We are watching that happen now, and swiftly.

Rick Tolin