Opportunities for amusement found in paper

Early-morning coffee and The Maui News: I read it stem to stern, though I sometimes skip the blood page with the various atrocities going on around the world along with how many innocent women and children Nobel Peace Prize Laureate President Barack Obama has killed with drones.

Just before “Hints from Heloise” (an important column with sometimes great hints mingled with complete lunacy from folks who need to get out more often) and the funny page, I always check the Lost and Found ads for the possibility of the same item appearing in both. It has happened.

As I have a house, an automobile and evidently no job skills anyone has any use for, I have taken to applying funny captions to the plethora of real estate agent photos that flood the first pages of the want ads.

A gentleman, I certainly wouldn’t make them public as many are critical to say the least, but thought perhaps this little endeavor might be fun for all. Give it a try.

Robert Shaw