Patient finds high standards at MMMC ER

Many visitors to our island home view us as a sort of glorified Third World country, especially in the health care field. The general attitude is that services deteriorate in direct proportion to the distance from the Mainland West Coast.

As a 40-year kamaaina who had not been to the hospital in decades, these were some of my thoughts en route to the only hospital on the island after suffering a medical emergency.

Upon arrival, I was amazed and greatly relieved to experience how sophisticated and effective the emergency services have become. The facility, equipment and most especially the staff are cutting edge.

My new outlook is that the Maui Memorial Medical Center emergency room is actually better than a lot of places on the Mainland.

My thanks to Dr. John Mills for caring for me, and my thanks to the ER administrators who maintain the ER to world-class standards. Visitors and residents can sleep better knowing that high standards are kept at the Maui Memorial emergency room.

We are very fortunate.

Robert Lozoff