People who are unarmed are people unprotected

At the time of our founding, the most potent weapons of mass destruction were cannons. During the Revolutionary War, many of the cannons used by American forces were citizen owned. Pursuant to ratification of the Second Amendment, the government did not seek to ban or confiscate citizen-owned cannons. Our Founding Fathers certainly knew what “shall not be infringed” means.

American intellectuals who blindly espoused the policies of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin without understanding their goals were called useful idiots. Ever moving forward after confiscation of all privately owned guns in Russia, Stalin called the Russian version of useful idiots disappeared. It is estimated that during Stalin’s Great Purge 1.2 million Russians disappeared.

From FBI murder statistics, by weapon used, in 2011: Rifles, 323; blunt objects, 496; hands, feet, fists, 728; knives and cutting instruments, 1,694. So we need to ban rifles?

Except for specially certified and licensed museums and collectors, automatic weapons were banned from civilian ownership in 1934.

Elapsed time until police went to confront the madman in the gun-free zone of Sandy Hook Elementary School: 20 minutes. There are no police who will fit in a holster or purse. If you are unarmed, you are unprotected.

Constitutional gun control: The steady hand, clear vision and steel resolve of a citizen possessing and trained in the use of firearms, especially when trained from a young age.

Phillip Culver